"I loved the Music for Scientists album... every song is visceral and beautiful!"
Hank Green
#1 New York Times best selling author, SciShow, CrashCourse
“...full of drama and wonder! ...an ambitious celebration of curiosity"
Jay Phelan, Ph.D
Biologist, UCLA
“…absolutely electrifying! A sound track to accompany discovery..."
Konstantine Batygin, Ph.D
CalTech University


The music video 'The Idea'. Featuring 15,000 handpainted frames by artist Jon Todd and augmented with machine learning Neural Style Transfer.

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This project begins with the awareness that our senses are very limited.

Our senses, our perceptions and our frames of reference have evolved around the imperative of survival. And they are correlated with our mammal sizes, speeds and life spans.

Our senses are not organized around seeing reality as it is. We are unable to perceive how subatomic particles behave. Or how mass warps time and space. Or how every living thing is related to a single, common ancestor. Or how, at the speed of light, time completely stops.

It’s as if we wear a veil. And that veil only allows limited sensory input. Only that which is pertinent to our survival and reproduction.

Yet we’ve learned that reality is vastly deeper. And far more bizarre.

Science has developed instruments, techniques and cumulative experimentation that much more accurately describes the underlying reality of nature.

That reality is nothing like what we perceive. It is very difficult to understand and even more difficult to embrace.

To lift the veil, to really grasp the reality of deep time, or quantum mechanics, or the implications of the theory of evolution, or the physics of relativity… to the extent we can at all… is to violate the limited mental frames of reference that exist in all our minds.

These deeper realities extend far past the boundaries of our mental maps.

And, at the unexplored edges of these maps, there are dragons.

This is what I am exploring this through music and performance art.